Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week summary 08-2013

Hi there! here it's another weekly summary of mine ;)

Let's start with this week's posts:
-New Liza is released, Liza's new look, which btw is pretty!
-Escuela Fedora 03, it was today, it was very fun.

Last week i said it was time of doing not saying, i know i didn't do much this week but hey sometimes you gotta go one step at the time, so i think i'm doing good, kinda slow i admit but good.

This week i got some kind of allergy, i don't know why, i don't know what's causing that reaction. I took some pills and they were good but just a bit. Eventually allergy dissapeared but today it came back, not as strong as last monday but it affected me. I probably will go to check that on doctor, i don't like being sick you know.

I did something weird this week, i got my bed out and i don't have bed anymore [not in my room anyway :P]. So i got a sleeping bag, i like sleeping in bare floor but it's nocive for my health so i'll be using sleeping bag. I know it's kinda crazy... it wouldn't be me if it wasn't lol

To finish, a screenshot of my [virtual] desktop glavna, i just like this wallpaper:

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