Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week summary 07-2013

Howdy! here i go again, in this weekly summary of mine.

Let's start with this week post:
-Old new Liza, how i makeup my dear Liza, now she's small still fast... and versatile :P

This week i've been kinda lazy, just thinking to do things but not doing them, hopefully next week i'll be doing things instead of thinking them. But hey, you first think and then you do it, now it's doing time!

BTW i just finished painting my case's side cover, i'm waiting to get dry. I'm really excited to finish this task, though there's still some things to do but it's almost done. Modding and bringing to life this old case has been really exciting, challenging and rewarding, i know it's not perfect but i can say i did it and i feel very proud of that.

On a personnel note, i'm glad i got again in contact with some lady friends of mine, i had a special relation with them, true friendship i dare to say. And i'm very happy to be in touch with them once more.

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