Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week summary 06-2013

Hi there, here i am again with this weekly summary of mine.

Let's start with this week posts:
-Alone, forgetting my exgirlfriend has been difficult to me, but i'm getting over it.
-Lucky OS, how i'm running Slax distro from a micro SD card.
-Thanks, after all noone likes a no thanking person :P
-Fedora school 01, a nice event about software libre

This week was kinda long you know, so much things to do at work, so much things to do at home. Anyway, i managed to do most of them, that's good.

I'm preparing my full moving to the cloud, i started by using Grooveshark again, this way i'll have my music and playlists in the cloud and i could access to them practically from anywhere [with internet conection]. Next thing will be moving important [mostly manuals or personnel, not sensitive] documents to the cloud. Following by uploading my personnel photos, it'll take me some time but i'm doing it, i want to :)

You know, i'm glad 'cause this week i shall be moving Liza [my nice computer] to another case, i'm quite excited about it. Though i'm afraid to ruin something, i mean i'll paint this case and i hope not to make a mistake :( i'll write a post about it, you'll know either my success or my failure.

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