Thursday, February 28, 2013

Red age

In history we see how humanity has came across trhough many ages, either good or bad ages. But also a person in particular has somehow ages, i had a lot of ages you know, some good some bad. Now i'm in, what i called, a red age.

Why red age? somehow people develop personalities, at least i see it this way. The thing is some people [like me] develop strong and divided personalities, meaning having totally personalities for a given event or situation. In essence i have 4 personalities:
black- open minded, analitic, self-critic, not judging, quiet/silent, main and raw personality
white- my russian personality, i'm not russian but i love Russia [speccially russian language] so this one makes the job
blue- idealist, positive and nice personality
red- realist, hard-cold fair, trouble solving and acting personality

Though i gotta say i'm all of this and they complement each other, perhaps what i'm saying could sound crazy, but the fact is i'm in fact crazy lol [it's the common consense haha] and people has faces depending the situation they dealing with, i know you understand that, at least you got the idea what i mean.

Anyway, it's over a month this red age started, i love it 'cause i'm not saying things, i'm actually doing things, i know i'm still a little slow but i'm getting fast every day and it'll continue that way, like the expansion of this beautiful universe we live in. So this growing, moving and probably never ending age is in motion now, i love how is affecting me and mostly i love how is changing my life into the one i want :)

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