Monday, February 11, 2013

Old new Liza

Well i finally finished painting my old pc case, which i got last year for $ 15.00 [taxes included :P]. It was hard, it was long but i did it. I know i made some mistakes, one big fail if you ask me but at least i have now my desktop PC working in that case. Liza looks so gorgeus now :)

I have a couple of things to finish though. Power and hard disk drive leds are not working, optical drive is out a little bit much than i want and i still have to paint side panel, i have to mention i'm not painting both panels [this case has 2 panels, i'm just painting the one that covers motherboard and other parts].

Here look the output of my work:
This is how it looked before painting

I use these paint sprays and sandpaper, all of them

I'm ashamed but this was a big fail, the hole should be at left not there

Here the case painted, not perfect but still looks good

I painted inside in red, though some white enter too, oops!

I put all these parts inside that little case, it was hard

Lots of fans to choose, i only used 2

Cooler Master N520 fan was big for this case, i had to remove it

With Intel stock fan i gained much space for cables

Liza running, it does not have power or hdd leds but she will soon

Optical drive stands out a bit much, sadly it'll continue that way

I adapted that little fan to help cooling power supply

I know this isn't a perfect painting, i know i made some mistakes but still i'm glad with my work, it's my first time in my defense! Anyway, i still have to do some things:leds, optical drive and more fans [at least one, the more the better you know].

To finish, Liza looks so beautiful now and equally performs, it's smaller but the same fast, complex and cocky PC i love ❤❤❤ ;)

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