Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Liza is released

As you know i modded an old case of mine. Not a big modding but still enough to be called modding :P

Anyway, i finished my modding, now that old case is alive, ready to work, cool and just look pretty lol

My new old case, my new old Liza and new desktop setup:
i addapted 2 little fans here, they do their job

now i have more space in my small desktop

Liza's new look, pretty nice!

she's sexy and she knows it :P

I fixed all problems i found after i just built it: leds are working now, i enhanced cooling with two little fans in the back. Besides it's silent [of course it makes noise but just a bit] and hardware in general doesn't overheat. Believe me when i say i'm very proud of my new Liza, i SO love her!!!

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