Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lucky OS

As i mentioned in a previous post, i installed new Slax 7.05 in a micro SD flash memory, it was only 1 GB. I say 'was' because i don't have it anymore, i gave it to a cousin last monday, so since then i'm Slax-less [i'm making that one lol].

So today i bought a new micro SD card, this time 4 GB, just to have extra space for extra data [ie applications, downloads, bits and bytes of data :P]. This one will be my Slax card: small in size, big in [useful] apps.

Also i'm thinking of building a microATX system just to run Slax, it will be on old hardware though. Still i'm sure it'll perform very good [as always]. Why do i want to do that? 'Cause i want a simple but reliable computer, energy-saving, fast to turn on and off, ready to boot at anytime, without energy-hungry hardware and mostly just for web-surfing. I'll keep you posted on that project.

Here is a pic of my Slax card still in its box:

Sometimes little things are better than big clumsy ones

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