Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fedora school 01

Today was the first Escuela Fedora "Fedora School" of this year here in Nicaragua. Overall was good, it's always good hanging out with geek komrades. I gotta say this school thing looks promising, i mean to learn a bit more about software i use or meet new software i can be using in the future, according to my needs.

There were 4 talks, first one about basic commands in terminal; second one about R software, for statistical purpose; third one about basic use of open SSH, like remote login or file transfer; and four one about IRC [internet relay chat], software to use this chat protocol and how it's used.

I'm actually new with all the topics boarded, except with command line interface, i'm reading The Command Line book so i'm learning a lot about it, though i learnt some useful commands, you always learn something in meetings like this.

Here some pictures from the event:
F stands for Fedora, not for facebook

Milica at boot screen

It's always good having a coffee, 2 is just better

The infamous Raspberry Pi again, damn i want one of these!

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