Saturday, February 23, 2013

Escuela Fedora 03

Today was another Escuela Fedora [School Fedora] event, as always it was good. Nothing like hanging out with geek komrades :)

Nicaragua's Mozilla community was there and they talked a bit about Thunderbird and Firefox of course, also they gave some Mozilla's cool things. Also a cute girl talked about Keepassx and Getting things Gnome, two useful utilities, though i don't use Gnome desktop so i can't use the latter. In last event there was a talk about R software, today too, R is very useful... if you work with statistics, if not you'll find it boring. And a last short talk about Empathy [only for Gnome, though it also works in LXDE and XFCE desktop] and Gwibber, two social utilities.

I took some photos but when i was about to upload them i saw they were blurry, a lot, so i'm very sorry 'cause this time i don't have photos to show up :(

Still i got these two, take a look:
when Mozilla talk was about to start

goodies from Mozilla and GNU/Linux :)

As always i learnt a bit about some things, and a lot about others i'm just getting to know. Equally nothing like sharing with open source software users :)

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