Tuesday, February 5, 2013


That's how i feel now. Since i broke up with my exgirlfriend i've been missing her. I think it's normal, after all i thought i was going to spend the rest of my life with her, i thought i was going to have a child with her, but it wasn't like that. It's until now i start to picture my life without her, it's a start.

You know, it's hard breakin up with a girl, specially when you're kinda shy with girls, when you're not good flirting or talking with girls. I guess thinking you won't be able to find another girl is the most hurting/frustrating part, not mentioning the memories of all the good things you spend with that special person. And not forgetting how much you fell in love [in my case a lot].

But nothing last forever, now my mourning is not that deep as it was one month ago. I just realized she wasn't good for me, i could never be happy with her, it was just an ilusion, i was blinded by love but now i see clear: she wasn't for me.

So i'm alone now, i think i'll be alone for some time again, it's peaceful this way, that girl was so troubled, as i said i wasn't going to be happy with her. But it doesn't mean i'm giving up on love, i know out there there's a smart, funny, geeky and nice girl for me, i'll just keep looking for :)

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