Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week summary 04-2013

Third entry of my weekly updated journal.

Let's start with this week's posts:
-Fedora 18 launch party i had a good time in this event, here in Managua.
-A bigger room my blog under a domain, a dream came true, i'm very very happy about it :)
-Graphic-less how my graphic card almost died, well i hope it's still alive, oh what a tragedy for a gamer! :(
-Case updated bringing to life 2 old cases of mine, a hard but rewarding task.

This week was a little sad, still happy at the same time. Sad 'cause it's been a month since my exgirlfriend left me. Happy 'cause i do have now my own domain, since the first time i pictured having a webpage was with that name: Moja Komnata, which means my [bed]room, the only place where i really rule, the only place where i can be myself.

Changing of subject, i'm kinda skinny so i'll make sure eating a little more and do exercises more often. About eating more, i'm working hard now, not only in my job but in my whole life, sincerely i don't like eating but i need eating, my body needs energy so i need to eat more. Most people shock about it, yes i know i'm a weirdo lol

There are a lot of things i want to do and accomplish, i think i'll take one step at a time, otherwise i may fall. Better going slow and reach point B than going fast and never reaching such point. I like going fast, that's why i always crash, this time i'm going fast if needed and slow as required. And of course, i will be posting about it :)

PS: here in moja komnata is not allowed saying the word 'god', not 'cause i forbide it but because it's a useless word without any purpose.

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