Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week summary 03-2013

Second installment of this summary of mine. Let's see what happened this week.

Let's start with this week's posts:
-Clams and shells, a bit about my experience with Clamav antivirus
-New look, how i spiced my blog up a little, looking cold as myself :P
-Miercoles de web, an event about web development and internet tendencies. You can see me by this text, i'm the one in the middle, yeah i was putting attention :P

You know i'm re-learning HTML code, i just know basic HTML and i want to learn new standards and move to learn CSS and other scripting/coding like javascript. This week i learned a little about Twitter bootstrap and i'm going to learn a bit more about it as well.

Also i installed openSUSE in a borrowed/adopted [and probably to be stolen -.-] mini laptop, it's a HP mini. openSUSE runs great, i'm using XFCE desktop and it works like a charm. Post about it coming.

Talking about desktops, yesterday i installed KDE 4.9, i was running 4.8 version but i decided to upgrade to new version. I was afraid to lose my configuration, just after upgrading desktop acted a little weird but i figured out to reboot PC in order to apply new settings. After rebooting things went back to normal and i didn't lose any configuration. I haven't tested it enough so i'm keeping my comments inside... just for now!

No game was in my hands this week, well any controller/keyboard/joystick actually :P Though tonight i'm gaming my head off [i wonder if that phrase it's actually well written lol]. I'll finish Spec Ops The Line and i wanna start gaming [and eventually finish] Need For Speed Pro Street, i like this game and i wanna finish once and for all. Screenshots and even videos on the way.

Today is Fedora 18 release launching event, of course i'm assisting, it's scheduled to start at 14H. This time i'll take some pictures. Also i'm going with Milica [the stolen mini laptop mentioned before], it promises to be good. Sadly i couldn't assist to Codebash Wordpress event yesterday 'cause i had to work, i supposed it'll be next time.

On a more personnel note, i still mourn my rupture with my [now] ex-girlfriend but i'm sure i'll be fine soon.

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