Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week summary 02-2013

Well nothing particular happened this week, at least not out of normal.

Let's start with this week's posts:
-KDE trials ends i'm sticking to KDE desktop 'cause i love all of it.
-New year resolutions all things i wanna accomplish this year, though i forgot to mention i wanna master command line in Linux, it's updated now.

As i mentioned in my new year resolutions post, i want to know more about open source software and contribute to comunity. Next week there is an event about web development i'm assisting to, there is also a Hackaton event on 26th and 27th this month, i'll be there too and probably i'll be helping someway, i mean i'm volunteering. I'll keep you posted about both events. There will be also another event i just found out, it's Codebash 0: Wordpress and of course i'll be assisting as well.

Yesterday i got a new videogame: Spec Ops The Line, a third person shooter game, i played some and i like it, it's different from other shooter games and i like that. Screenshots on the way.

Also i made a new album on Picasa, where i'll be uploading selected videogame screenshots. I just wanna share things i find interesting and weird on videogames i'm playing.

Last but not least, i made a signature for my blog, besides i made a favicon, one seen down and the other seen up respectively lol.

Now to cheer up this weekend a music video i like, though i rather studying than partying but i like it :P

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