Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wednesday's web

Well a little late but I wanna share a bit about last wednesday event: Miercoles de web en Co-labora, which I assisted. This is kinda a project where people give talks about web development and technologies, anyone can assist and share their knowledge and also knowing more about the web. It was the first one of the year and it's scheduled for third wednesday each month.

This time were three talks:
-First about web development with Twitter bootstrap, which is a framework to make things easier and nicer on webpages, i'm actually learning a bit more to upgrade my skills.

-Second about GIT, i'm new with this and I don't know much about it but basically is a tool to monitor your changes on a given project [ie software/web development] where other people can participate and see and modify everyone changes [at least that's what I got :P].

-And third about bitcoins, it was interesting because I dind't know anything about it. Bitcoin is some sort of currency, which should be useful for online transactions. I'm not sure how exactly works or if you can exchange it freely by an actual physic currency [ie dollars or euros]. I understand you can mine them, in that sense is kinda like gold, you must have your PC on in order to mine more bitcoins. Anyway, I gotta read more about it, I wanna get rich you know :D

Overall the event was great, very educating and i'm looking forward for next meeting ;)

PS: I didn't take any photo of the event, sorry for that, I was a little down, i'm still mourning breakin with my girlfriend :( still i enjoyed the meeting. You can see some pictures here :) also here i am.

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