Friday, January 18, 2013

New look

Since some time i wanted to spice things up here in my blog but i wasn't sure about design, but mostly i lacked skills to do so.

I know basic HTML coding but just that, nothing fancy. So i've been studying and remembering basic HTML code as new tecniques/coding like CSS. I'm new with CSS so for now i'll practice locally in my PC.

Still i changed my blog's look, you can see it now: i removed navbar, footer and header text/image. I like snow [it was on previous design] so i put snowflakes in background, i changed colors a bit. Anyway here you can see before and after:
Previous look: kinda grey and sad

Actual look:  chilly and cold=nice

I still will modify things a bit, but basically i want to add a static navbar in top and spice up sidebar. It will still have pretty snowflakes in background and squary design. BTW this is how i previewed my new blog's look, sorry some code is encoded :P
Before tweakin and tinkerin is the writin lol

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