Tuesday, January 8, 2013

KDE trials ends

That's right, i'm done trying KDE desktop. And for good if you ask me. As i said in a previous post KDE does things i always wished in my desktop, that's why i'm sticking to this desktop.

Back in 2009 when i begun using Linux, i used to use GNOME desktop, it was 2xx series version and i liked it very much. It was simple to use, good looking and very customizable, besides with Beryl you could have a nice looking 3D desktop the way you wanted.

Then GNOME 3 came by 2011 with its new interface, of course i gave it a try but i just didn't like it. First i missed customization, the fact i can't change the position or color/transparency of taskbar is not good for me. I just don't like the lack of customization.

That's where i started looking for another desktop environment. After reading a little about KDE and XFCE i opted for XFCE, since it seems like the old GNOME i felt in love with. XFCE is a lightweight desktop, it aims for simplicity and usability, it may lacks some advanced features of other desktops but it's still very customizable and looks good.

For the record, i started trying KDE 'cause i wanted to see how KDE works and looks, i wasn't looking for a replacement. But i couldn't help fall in love, KDE is all i always wanted in a desktop, it looks awesome and works great. Of course i'll keep in touch with XFCE and see how its development is going, but now KDE era starts.

My customized KDE desktop, i dare new GNOME to try this lol

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