Thursday, January 24, 2013


As you know i'm a gamer, i like videogames a lot but i have a problem now.

openSUSE hanged out 2 times while oppening a video with VLC, i thought it was a software problem. Last sunday i was going to have [in Win 7] a Borderlands 2 little session [meaning +2 hours :P] but system restarted. Obviously graphic card was getting hot, and not hot in good way you know! That's why openSUSE rebooted, it was a physical problem.

My graphic card's cooling system is kinda modded, stock fan just worked 2 weeks and then died. Modding wasn't an option, it was a need. I bought this card in USA and here in Nicaragua it would take me a lot of time sending back for warranty-related replacement/repairment so i had to mod. And apparently modding isn't enough now to keep my graphic card cold.

So i can't play videogames 'cause GPU overheats a lot[it reaches 100 C], it sucks you know but i'll be having a better GPU soon or a better fan for the one i have now.

Here it's a picture of my GPU and fan, basically i tied fan on heatsink, what a modder!!! lol
EVGA Geforce GT 545, nice until you put a big fan on it :P

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