Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fedora 18 launch party

Yesterday was Fedora launch party here in Managua, i hung out with members of Fedora Nicaragua and had a good time.

We talked about free software in general, some applications in specific, about GNU/Linux distros used in Nicaragua. Of course i show off Milica [my now adopted mini laptop] with openSuse and we talked how many people use this distro but they don't participate in comunnity.

There was a problem with a new laptop, which had secure boot, they couldn't install either Fedora 18 or previous release 17. I'm not sure exactly what was the problem, it could be secure boot itself [though it was disabled in BIOS], a hiden partition in hard disk that can't be formatted, also even after "formatting" hard disk at booting the laptop opened a rescue system utility, we weren't sure if that rescue system was in hard disk or BIOS itself. The event finished and they couldn't install new Fedora release. I hope laptop owner can eventually fix it :)

I had fun, nothing like geeking around to cheer up :D I took some photos, take a look:

Fedora stickers and disks, i got a few stickers 

To burn Fedora 18 disks, you could never see one like that in a Windows release party lol 

There was free pizza, yumm!!!

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