Friday, January 25, 2013

Case updated

Something i really want to achieve this year is having as many computers as i can. Last year i bought an used IBM case in order to move my PC components to that case, i couldn't because it does not have space for ATX power supply, it just have space for micro-ATX psu [i didn't notice that when i bought it, there was no refund, i know shame on me]. So i put that case in a corner, waiting for being modded or eventually buying a power supply that fix in it.

This year a friend of mine gave me an old case of him, IBM too, and i'm gonna use it to build more PCs. Though that one was rusty but still i was willing to paint it to return it to bussiness.

These are my 2 cases, i shall be using both, one for my actual PC and another for my future gaming PC respectively.
Both need a serious painting and i'm not a painter :(

Before: ugly and bad. After: good... looking

Not bad for my first time painting, i was so nervous :P

I still have work to do in both cases [literally *rolls eyes*] but from all my effort will come something very good... looking lol

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