Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sofware libre day in Nicaragua

Hi there! it's been long time since my last post. As you can see i'm still alive :P

Today was "Festival Nacional de Software Libre" [Free Software National Festival] in Nicaragua. It started early in the morning but i was working so i arrived 'till 13 H, kinda late but still i assisted to some speeches about open source software.

I learned a few things more about free open source software. Some Juju, localization in Debian GNU/Linux, Debian in education [Debian Edu or Skolelinux] and a sleepy/boring intro to Adempiere, an ERP sofware.

Flisol was way better back at April but this one was still good. I took some pics, take a look:

I like this little guy :P

The famous Raspberry Pi, i WANT IT NOW!!!!

It's amazing, that little thing running an OS

Nica Android? lol

I got this for assisting the event, yum!

Tuxnetor, use it or it'll terminalate you lol

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