Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I got lucky

Well not that lucky but enough trying new Slax release: Slax 7 [in case you don't know, Slax is a mobile Linux distro that runs from a CD or USB memory flash].

I use Slax since last year on my 4 GB USB memory, not so often but i use it. I like its modular approach, you just copy the programs you need/want to use, no need to install the program, just copy or delete it according to your needs.

As i mentioned new version was just released, exactly last week. Though somehow it's not finished, i mean its Software Center is still in development but it promise to be finished soon [hope so *fingers crossed*].

Anyway, now i use Slax on my 16 GB Corsair Flash Voyager 3.0 memory flash. I'm happy with new release. I don't know how Tomáš Matějíček put new KDE 4.9 in such little space [212 MB for english edition], a hard work indeed.

New Slax 7 runs smooth on my computer, it looks nice and equally works nice, like a charm. I'm testing it and using it since last week and so far i like:
 -Useful apps right out of the box: Firefox 17, KDE 4.9, image viewer, PDF viewer, terminal, text editor, file archiver, video player with codecs support, etc.
-Persistent changes like always, when you run it from a writable media like USB memory it saves your preferences and configuration.
-Good hardware support [at least in my experience]. It detected and configured properly video, audio, mouse, keyboard, dvd drive, hard drives [therefore my ext4 partitions are recognized], it even detected my USB wireless internet adapter [Linx 300] without any problem.
-Very customizable. And most important it saves all my preferences.

Here some screenshots:
 Using russian edition, i customized it this way

Some applications found in this release

So now you know, if you need a portable OS stop looking for and try Slax, it surely can fit your needs/requirements.

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