Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The new windows

Hi there! hope you're doing fine ;)

So you probably know Windows 8 was released last friday. If you didn't know that you probably live in a cave lol

First thing to notice is its approach to mobile market [named tablets, netbooks, notebooks and whatever touchable display]. Second thing to notice [really noticeable if you ask me] is the new Start Menu, which looks like being on a Windows Phone. I don't like that. Though i read you can change it. I hope so 'cause i wouldn't like feeling as i am on a OS [smart]phone when i use my full tower desktop PC.
 Kinda pretty, still i don't like it.

I feel like when i tried Gnome 3. It was a total deception to me. I used to love Gnome 2 you know, i really loved it. Back then, it was my only desktop and i didn't have the need to even try other desktops. But after seeing what Gnome became i didn't use it anymore.

Luckyly on Linux you have some desktops to choose, so i tried XFCE desktop and i love it now. Right now i'm trying KDE desktop and i love it very much, i even think i'll stick to KDE, which is a nice very customizable modern desktop, it got a lot of apps, it looks nice and most important it works nice.

I think Windows 8 users will use to that new Start Menu, others will change it to standard Menu [at least they'll try lol], however they will use to eventually. Me, for the moment, i continue using Win 7 and of course my always reliable and trusted Linux distro: openSUSE.

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