Tuesday, September 25, 2012

KDE trials

Hi there! As i mentioned in last blog, i'm giving a try on other free desktops. I mean on Linux you have a lot of choices, from a text-based environment to a full graphical modern desktop. 

Now i'm trying KDE desktop and let me tell you it's a very nice desktop, 'cause it doesn't just look great but also works great. It's highly customizable, it includes widgets [gadgets], lots of features, lots of apps.

You know, KDE does something i always wanted: as any Linux desktop you can have many [virtual] desktops as you wish, but here it's possible to have different wallpapers and widgets in each of them. That's something i really really like.

If you use Linux or if you're new to Linux you should give a try on KDE desktop, it's freaking awesome.

Here some screenshot:
Glavna [main desktop]

Tasks [for personnel tasks]

Rabota [for work]

Media [for multimedia]

Glavna [showing auto-hided taskbar]

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