Monday, September 24, 2012

Blog update

Hi there! hope you all are fine :)

I've been kinda busy mostly because now i live alone. That's right, now i'm on my own. I finally moved my things to my new apartment, which is small still comfortable and most important i like it there.

On a personnel note, i got a girlfriend and we're kinda engaged. I say "kinda" 'cause the ring is still missing and will continue that way, but be sure i'm commited to her. I'm very happy with her and i love her very much.

Now. As you know i love Linux, particularly i love openSUSE and new release just came out a couple of weeks ago. As always is very stable and it works great. This new release come with a lot of improvements and some new features. It boots nice and fast, it looks great and most important it works as it's supossed to.

BTW i like XFCE desktop but now i'm trying other free desktops, i'm trying LXDE and KDE. Both are great, while LXDE is lightweight but still nice KDE is very good looking and modern desktop. I'm falling in love with KDE you know, i always pictured a desktop like that and i'm going to show/tell you why [screenshots on the way].

To finish, Borderlands 2 came out last week and i'm getting it today [that's the idea at least :P ].

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