Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arriba amigo

Well, i finally got Borderlands 2 yesterday, i planned to get it monday afternoon but it wasn't possible.

Anyway, i played some Borderlands 2 yesterday and let me tell you it's freakin crazy [in good way]. It's better than first one, it improves everything, graphics look great, still cartonish but now a little more mature, i love it. Shooting mechanics is solid, gameplay kinda is the same, but hey first one was good so this one.

I wandered the glaciar lands a little, i enjoyed a lot, shooting and killing everything it moves. Well not everything, i couldn't shoot my fellow claptrap or that british mechanic guy lol. I really enjoyed it, i'm playing as Maya by the way, she's gorgeously hot ;) and she knows how to rip off mercs heads or beasts or anything in between.

 Beautiful and dangerous, i love it!

Screenshots gameplay on the way. Gaming logs as well.

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