Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vim editing

Hi again!

Now i'm just using openSUSE as my OS, there's no Micro$oft like secondary OS.

As i mentioned previously, i removed one hard disk, but that was after installing the OS. Then, i tried to start the machine but i couldn't, while OS was loading it showed error about emergency mode: it was about two mount points. So i figured out it had to be with fstab configuration. My question was how to edit it in text mode?

I tried to start Leafpad [XFCE's text editor] but it wasn't possible, i tried several times but still i couldn't. So i came with the idea of using other commands, you know? noone of them worked. Until i just put "edit /etc/fstab", inmediately a simple editor started, it was Vim.

Before that i read about Vim, something negative but quite positive at the same time. Specially because Vim works different, mostly commands. I gotta say it was a little difficult, luckyly i used my mini laptop to search for basic Vim commands and i was able to save my editing, configuring fstab file correctly and after that my OS started without any problem. Thank you Vim :)

So, while it may be difficult using Vim i'm testing it, it seems reliable, different of course, but you know what? i like different things :)
I'm using russian version [gvim or Vim with GUI]

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