Saturday, June 30, 2012

Farewell Micro$oft

Hi there! hope you're fine :)

So i decided to make the full change to Linux so i uninstalled Windows 7, i reinstalled my Linux distro [openSUSE of course] and i safely and carefully stored my dear graphic and sound card, i mean in Linux i don't game so it's better not having extra hardware, not only because the horsepower but also to save energy. Also i removed one of my hard drives, games took a lot of space but not anymore [twas safely stored too :P].

Am i happy with my decission? of course i am. Now i will have more time to post here, on GS, Twitter and other sites i take part of. That's very cool man!!!

Here, some pics of my PC:

BTW i'm not quitting gaming, i'm just taking a break, i'll game when i build a powerful machine, which is going to be soon, i hooooope!!! :rolls eyes:

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