Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm back

Hi there! yes i know it's been a long time but here i am again. I wonder if someone reads this public journal of mine? hmmm?

Anyway, i'm alive, i feel free, i'm doing things i always wanted to, i'm living and i like it, A LOT!!

As you know i love gaming and i should be gaming more now, i have spare time to do so. Also i may be coming here often, not a promise though.

BTW i'm using openSUSE once again and now i'm going to stick with it, i really like it. I tried other Linux distros (Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux Mint) but i always come back to openSUSE, i just like it. Also i'm sticking to free software, i like the freedom you know, i'm leaving Windows 7 just for gaming.

Here it's a screenshot of my current Linux desktop, i'm using Xfce, i used to use GNOME before but its 3 version dissapointed me so i use this simple but still nice and reliable desktop.

Well that's it, see ya later!

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