Monday, April 30, 2012

Experiencing freedom

Hi there! Last saturday i went to an event called FLISOL (Festival Latinoamericano de InstalaciĆ³n de Software Libre, which means Latinoamerican Festival of FreeSoftware Installation).

Overall it was good, i learnt more about Firefox web browser, also i earnt some things with Firefox logo, really cool stuff :D I learnt more about free software too, some tricks, i played some Urban Terror (i won 3/5, a great score i think), i got some games since they're free software, i bought a t-shirt too.

BTW playing a FPS game agaisnt other 7 guys was a dream made true, i was really really happy, besides i kicked all of their asses 3/5 times, that's fuckin great!!

Here some pics of the event:
Here i am rockin the house lol 

Here girls rockin the house :P

Makin yumy juice fruit old fashioned way 

Guys shootin at themselves, free for all lol 

Me with Mozilla comunity guys

The event was really great, with nice people sharin their knowledge and experience in Free Software area, it was really an experience.

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