Sunday, October 9, 2011

Change of title

That's right, as you can see i changed the title of this blog.

Why? just cause! :P Now seriously, my room is the only place where i am what i really am, i can be whatever i want and mostly i'm the only one who rules in my [bed]room! :D

So from now on this blog it's called Moja Komnata, which means My [bed]Room. Ok it's not a fancy name or something but i think it's a very proper name, so i chose it.

And well, i should be coming more often over here, reporting more often and just being, that's the most important thing :)

PS: i'm looking for a girlfriend, if you're a creepy girl hit me anytime :) [though i think no girl will respond to this request, but i gotta try, i don't lose anything after all :P]

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