Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi there!

Lately ive been feelin a little sad and down, in part because of my little princess, she's a little complicated and it havent made her mind up about our relationship, i feel like she's playin with me.

The thing is i like her very much and im not sure if leavin her or continue with her, now im the one who has to make his mind up *rolls eyes*

Anyway, i also feel like [for whatever reason] my world is fallin apart, i feel like Alice from Madness Returns "Oh my Wonderland shutters!", i feel that way now and im scared, something uncharestirstic in me.

I told to a friend about my Wonderland fallin down/shutterin and he said 'if that happens you can build another one', i like that, if this Wonderland of mine is not good enough i can build another one or even better upgradin/buildin/expandin my actual Wonderland :D

So, what's gonna be? i dont know and you know what? im excited about the fact of not knowin what's gonna happen, later ;) btw you're invited to my Wonderland to have a cup of tea... and buzz/vodka/rhum/beer too lol

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