Monday, March 28, 2011

Still alive!

Hi there!

That's right, im still alive, just as my dear GLaDOS, livin and doin what i must 'cause i can.

Ive been doin the same things i always do, i had some experiences, workin a lot, gamin not as much as i want, i had a short relationship with a pretty girl [she broke my heart though :( ], im learnin programmin and i hope bein able to develope my own programs/games soon.

As you may know im atheist and im commited to the atheist cause more than ever, religious delusion must end, but not by forcin people to leave their beliefs but makin them to realize the lie they believe in.

Im also workin in some personnel projects, i guess i already mentioned it, if i succeed i'll let you know, if i fail i probably will complain about it *rolls eyes*

So, i'll try bloggin more and dont forget this blog, apparently noone reads it but that's ok, this is just my online journal, i dont expect to anyone reads it, i just write for fun, sharin and ventin.

See ya!

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