Sunday, October 17, 2010

GS Blog: Take a ride with me

Vladka22's Blog: Take a ride with me

The other day my friend @SmallMafia mentioned he got Dirt 2, i told him it's the best racing game i ever played, it's pretty fun. The thing is that day i was itching for play a racing game, sadly i don't have Dirt 2 installed on my PC so i played Test Drive Unlimited and i had a good time, i forgot how fun this game is.
In case you don't know, Test Drive Unlimited is a racing game open world sty-le that takes place in a hawaian island, it's a huge island btw, making a tour around the island takes a looong time. It's not the usual racing game, that's why is great, it has a decent number of race types and 4 types of additional races. Now, these additional races are very fun, you deliver "packages" within certain time, you take some hot models to their destination [timed and adds penalty for crashing or driving offroad], hitchhikers [same as models, only they're guys] and taking some cars to their destination [not timed but it adds penalty for crashing or driving offroad].
It also has a decent number of [cool] cars available, there is also bikes, bikes gameplaycould be better though, still good.
One thing i really like is character customization, which is better than car customization, figures that You can even change your character's look buying new clothes or accesories, it's great. Take a look at my character Stanka, isn't she lovely?
Looking nice
It's good looking her face, instead of a guy/gal always wearing a helmet
On other topic, yesterday i played some Borderlands, just warming up before getting Claptrap New Robot Revolution DLC, cannot wait to meet my old Claptrap friends and say "VIVA LA ROBOLUTION!" "QUE VIVA!" later
Edit: i'm talking about Test Drive Unlimited PC version, it seems other versions are not the same

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