Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some updates

Well as i said i started my project, just little baby steps to start, both exciting and reckless, i know it's nothing but i feel good with my little progress.

In other updates:
-I finished Dragon Age Origins, now i'm playing Awakening, it's great so far
-I finished The Lair of Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2, it was nice remeeting Liara, my female character Stanka was particularly really pleased, they are girlfriends *giggles*
-I went to park today, as usually i was the lonely creepy guy, which goes there only to stare at others and smoke some cigarretes *rolls eyes*
-The cigarretes i smoke have prices, at least some, i earned a half pack, already claimed my prize, yeay!
-Next week i'll look for a full time job, my mid time job is not enough to cover all my bills... but mostly games/gaming hardware, so hopefully i'll find a good job

Well that's it, later ;)

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