Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GS Blog: A new journey... again

Vladka22's Blog: A new journey... again: "Last sunday i started a new playthrough in Mass Effect 2, i'm playing with Kjeva, my renegade character, only this time she is more badass than ever. I beat Insanity difficulty with her on Mass Effect 1 so you can imagine how ruthless she is.

She's Vanguard and she's taking that cla-ss very seriously, in case you don't know vanguards are specialists in close combat, she carries a sweet shotgun and a flamethrower, when Kjeva is holding a Geth shotgun or a flamethrower you don't wanna be in front of her, trust me, she will even punch you or use her biotics against you or Charge, she likes charging.


You'll see her punching reporters, being rude, using trickery and deception just to get what she wants or more credits [it's always the credits ]. There is a phrase that made me laugh a lot: 'leave him or you gonna breath through a new hole in your head', when someone tells you something like that you know you're in trouble or facing a psycho

Anyway, i'm taking a breath on this playthrough until next weekend, i wanna continue my journey on Dragon Age, later"

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