Sunday, September 26, 2010

GS Blog: After a long journey... a new one starts

Vladka22's Blog: After a long journey... a new one starts: "I made it, i finished Dragon Age Origins, main campaign at least, it took me a lot of time, over 80 hours according to Raptr, the last session was 9 long epic hours yes i don't have a life

I liked the end, mostly because you somehow decide how things are going to end, my character ended up being a hero for the people of Ferelden, i was pretty excited about it.Before going to the final battle, Morrigan asked me a favour, i wasn't sure if agreeing or not, i agreed, if you played DAO you know what happens, i wonder what it would happen if i wasn't agreed, i'll find out in my next playthrough.

I didn't have the chance of recruiting Shale or playing Warden's Keep DLC, also i didn't finished all side quests, but i'm glad i finished most of them, only 5 left, what i didn't this time i'll do it next time, trust me.

BTW i started a new playtrough, this time being human, female and mage, her name is Kjeva, that's right, the most badass girl is now on Ferelden, i think she and Morrigan will be good friends guess who's going to be a blood mage but first i'll finish Awakening with my character Stanka, later

PS: i leveled up on GS, new level is 19, Gitaroo Man what's that? whatever i'm happy about it"

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