Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some updates

Lately everything is just normal around here, nothing big happened.

I got new albums, all industrial, so far i like some, specially i like The Grey Line by Wynardtage, not the original but a remix by Future Trail, this song is fucking awesome!!

I finished my 4th playthrough in Mass Effect 2, this time on Insanity, it was really insane, trust me. But like always i made it, sadly two of my squad members died, Miranda died because i lost her loyalty after she had a kitty fight with Jack, i didn't have enough paragon nor renegade points to regain her loyalty so she died; Tali also died, i don't know why, she was loyal, i like her, i actually felt bad 'cause she died but better her than Legion, i could not stand losing my dear mobile platform :P

Also i got Blazing Angels 2, i played a little last weekend, overall it's a good game, i played it with my new flying joystick, that was great.

Right now i'm trying new games and genres, i wanna get into RTS games, i've been playing Company of Heroes, so far i like it, it's relatively easy to play, i gotta get better commanding my units though, i guess i just need a little more practice.

Here it's The Grey Line, i couldn't find the remix so i put the original version, enjoy!!

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