Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Music me

Since a long time i've been a iTunes loyal user, it seems it's going to change though. Last monday a friend of mine told me about Zune software, he told me give it a try, of course i did and i like it, but not enough to say i'm replacing iTunes, it's still on trial stage.

The UI is nice and is easy to use, actually it looks like Windows Media Center, which is good. It imported all the music and videos i already had on Windows Media Player, also it imported my top rated songs so i don't have to do it again, still i have work to do about it.

As i said, i like this software, it has the options i want and i need, the bad side it takes a lot of memory, almost twice than iTunes, but i have 3GB of RAM so i don't worry much about it.

Here are some pics of Zune software:
Now Playing list

Playlists view

QuickPlay view

A funny fact, i don't own any iPod or Zune at all lol

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