Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup finished

Well, today was the World Cup FIFA final match, Spain vs Netherlands, the match was certainly exciting and i'm glad Spain won, i was supporting them on this match, i was expecting more from Villa though but it's ok.

Both teams played good, a little hard too, there was a lot of yellow cards and even a red one, figure that!

Anyway, this World Cup was exciting, it's the first one i follow completely, i mean since France 98 i've been following it but this time i had more access, either following results on tv or internet.

Now i have two things on my wishlist, first go to a match on next World Cup, which will be on Brazil, i think i can go; and second, while i'm in the stadium i want to appear on the big screen, that will be awesome, i'll work hard to make that happen.

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