Friday, June 25, 2010

Jericho's review

This is a copy of Jericho's review i posted on Gamespot.

Last year a friend of mine told me about Jericho, so I did a little research and some months later I got it.

Before playing I knew it was a gory game but sometimes being gory it's not enough. Of course Jericho it's gory but that's not all it has to offer, it has great graphics, well detailed environments and a low level of physics, you can hit objects and break some wooden boxes.

It has also an interesting story, which has religious connotations and it's not offensive in any way (in case you're a religious person). The story could be told in a better way but I don't complain, you get to know all you have to know.

Something I liked a lot it's the characters, the good and the bad guys, specially your squad members. At some point of the game you're able to play as any of your squad members and that's good because they use different weapons and abbilities, not to mention their personalities, I had fun playing as each one of them.

Fighting the creatures it's exciting, besides the fact you shoot at these horrifying creatures and you fight for your life you don't want some creatures get close, trust me. Fighting it's funny too, some members of your squad say funny things (some of those quotes i cannot write here).

To finish, if you like religious and paranormal stuff, horror and gore you gonna like Jericho.

Great graphics. Great environment. Good soundtrack, it could be better but if fits just right. Interesting story. Average physics. Interesting characters. Interesting weapons and skills. Interesting creatures. Good gameplay, not hard not easy (either with keyboard/mice or Xbox 360 controller). You can heal fallen friends. No bugs (at least I didn't experienced any). Challenges to unlock Bios add replay value. Besides being gory and violent it's funny too.

Just a small dose of horror. Lots of load screens, luckyly it loads fast. Combat in closed or small spaces can get ugly. Some conversations get interrupted by combat. It could have more tactical elements.

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