Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm glassed

You know, Coca-Cola has a deal here in Nicaragua, you can exchange two magenta caps plus 11 national credits (0.55 u$ credits) for a World Cup glass, there is 15 countries available. Today i was going to get Germany glass but there wasn't so i got Italy glass, at start i just wanted Germany glass but now i'm getting all of them, i think it'll be nice having them all.

BTW i'm a little freak-o when it comes to glasses or dishes, i have a red glass and a little dish and noone is supposed to touch them, i get mad when someone do that, i pass it when it's the first time they do that but when it's the second time i explain them why they cannot touch my dish neither my glass. Why people cannot touch my red glass and my little dish? just 'cause.

Here, take a look at my new cool glass, this one enters to the no touching list.

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