Sunday, June 27, 2010

Go Germany

On a World Cup update, today Germany totally kicked english asses 4-1, i admit the referee (or whatever it's called in english) missed an english goal that could changed the scenario but that's only a guess, the good thing it's Germany advance to final quarters.
Celebrate, go on, you were a hero today
You should smile more now, we won

Also, Argentina beat Mexico 3-1, there was also a mistake from referee side, the player who scored first was on off-side, shame on you referee! but overall Argentina was better than Mexico, i guess no pray to all their saints and virgins could help Mexico to beat the blue light team, yes i'm mocking on you mexicans, HA!.

The two winners of today will see each other on next match, looking forward to that, of course i go with Germany, sorry Argentina but you will lose.

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