Sunday, May 23, 2010

Soda to go

The other day i went with a friend and his girlfriend to watch Nightmare on Elm Street.

I called him and i said i was going to watch new Freddy's movie and he said we should go together and i agreed. While we were talking on phone he said he won't buy any soda on movie theater because it's expensive and instead he was going to buy one bottle outside because it's cheaper. So he did that, he bought a 3 liter soda bottle and 2 glasses to drink once inside the cinema. His girlfriend called him a hour before the movie and she asked if she could go and i agreed, after all i like her, so he bought one extra glass for her.

Finally we entered into the cinema, before that we bought popcorns, when movie started he got out the bottle from his backpack and he oppened the bottle, you know soda drinks make a noise because the gas so some people saw us, those people didn't say anything but my friends started laughing (me myselft too), i guess they were embarrassed, i laughed because of that, his girlfriend said i have no shame and you? i answered her i have no shame anymore. In total we had 3 rounds of soda and actually we saved a lot of money doing that.

Well, that was really an experience, it was funny too. Whatever, i wanted to take some beers but then i decided not, but you can be sure next time i go to watch a movie i'll take some rum or even vodka.

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