Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hit and run

Howdy, what up?

Last months i used to go to park to chill out, hang out, think, relax, interact with people (only a few times) and smoke like a monkey, well monkeys don't smoke but you get the point, i mean i smoked over 3 cigarretes.

2 weeks ago i started walking and running at park and you know what, i like it. Now i do excercises, which is good for many things, i don't smoke at park anymore, at least for the last two weeks, that does not mean i'm over smoking.

Yesterday happenned something interesting because, you see, i was running and a lady with her two dogs were walking on sidewalk so i run out of the sidewalk and i fell because of a freaking rock, i fell down over my knees and over my right hand, it was not bad but it was actually funny, at least for me. The lady asked me if i was injured or something i answered her i was not, it's only a scratch i said. After my fall i continued running, i could not help laugh at myself, as i said before it was funny, it was a little painful but mostly funny, i called to my scratches war wounds, btw i lost a tiny piece of my hand lol

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