Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Believing non-beliefs

The other day a friend of mine came to my place with his girlfriend, she is nice and i like her. You know, when you just know a person both ask questions to each other, it's something i don't like but what can i do?

Mi friend is atheist (so do i) and her girlfriend asked me you're atheist?, i answered yes and she said Jesus of Nazareth, that was funny.

Wathever, i wonder why people react bad when they know about my non-beliefs, being atheist doesn't make me a bad person it just means i'm different. I acknowledge i have strong point of views againgst religion but i repeat it doesn't means i'm a bad person, i tolerate (to certain point) religions and their followers, what i don't like is fanatics, sadly there are fanatics everywhere.

To finish, i don't do bad things (ie steal) because it's a sin, i don't do bad things because it's wrong.

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