Thursday, March 25, 2010

Running at park

Sometimes i go to the park to relax, think about some things and interact and know new people (last thing never happens lol). Today was one of those times and i'm glad i did.

I was sat on a bench watching a football match of some aficionados and suddenly i saw a police officer (po) running after a boy, he was no older than 16 and po finally got him, but before that po hit the boy with his stick and when the boy fell to the ground po kicked him.

Several meters from the chase was another po telling to an student, also younger, don't run away, "if you run i'll chase you and hit you", so student didn't do anything. Some minutes later first po took the boy to the place where the student was and po ordered him to stay down. Both po interrogated the boy and the student, that was when something really awe happened, i don't know what student said to second po but he got mad and hit to the student in the face, he fell to the ground and po said "learn to respect, you must to learn to respect". One of the football players said to po "leave him alone, he's a student", this player was big, when i say big i mean it, so po who was not so big calmed down, in fact all parts involved calmed down. Finally both po took the boy and the student to police station.

I'm not sure why police took them, but apparently according to i saw and heard both boys were consuming and had some kind of drug, i still wonder if it was alchohol or pot, i don't know.

Whatever, all of that was exciting, my heart accelerated, that does not happens so often so it was good, absolutely.

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