Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gaming and a new processor

Well, lately i've been playing a lot, i already finished second playthrough of Mass Effect 2, i finished Dirt Tour in Dirt 2 (a great game btw) and i just finished Dark Void, wich is a good game but i have some things to complain about, i mean it was released in this year, i waited something better, still it's a good game, but too short and some things more.

Whatever, Intel just released its new processor Corei7 980 Extreme, it has 6 cores, 12MB L3 cache, manufactured 32nm and a lot of cool things more. This is a monster of processing, the best processor for now. But this sweetness costs $1000, so it's not for mortals, sorry.

Besides this new processor has a super cool cooling fan, it wasn't difficult to fall in love, i mean take a look.

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