Friday, February 26, 2010


Well, last week i got Mass Effect 2 and since then i've been playing a lot. I just finished yesterday, i mean my first playthrough because i'm starting another tonight with another imported character from Mass Effect 1.
First time i played ME2 was with an imported character from ME1, which was female, a colonist, sole survivor, soldier class, she reached level 49 and she took paragon path. With this i got some bonus in ME2, besides my character was rich so i got some money, 100 big actually.

I love the game, story was great, improved gameplay, a large and interesting cast of crewmembers, new stars clusters to visit, new planets to visit, new enemies. Talking about enemies i liked fighting mechs, they are fun and challenging too, specially i liked when i ordered Tali hacked one and this one said before shooting at her partners "excuse me", that was awe!!! The Geth weren't the main enemy, that was good because i'm a big fan of them, instead the Collectors are the main enemy, they are insect kind specie and fighting them was a little hard.

It took me some time finish the game, i enjoyed the long journey, many surprises, very exciting and pretty fun. Right now i'm getting ready for my second playthrought, now not as paragon but as renegade, so it'll be another experience, mostly because i'm carrying different choices i made in ME1, so it do will be another experience.

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