Friday, November 30, 2018

Off with their heads

If you know about what's going on in Nicaragua, you know it's been a hard situation. What started as the "solution" for avoiding social security bankrupt, it was actually its doom. People didn't like the changes so they spoke about it, the government [which doesn't like being criticized] send people [thugs] and the police to stop demonstrators for expressing their discomfort with the changes, we know what happened after.

In life, some people who do bad things think they won't pay for their bad actions, or they actually can't see their deeds as bad so they think they don't deserve to be punished. It's practically a psycopath/sociopath behaviour.

Last tuesday 2 big personalities responsible for human rights violation [including the Vice President of Nicaragua, President's wife btw] were sanctioned by the US government, I really didn't see that coming. But I think they totally deserve it, one of them in particular allowed the police to act with extreme force against the opposers and said horrible things against the opposition.

This act shows them they can be punished too. This act shows them they're accountable for their actions, that their actions have clear consequences for the people and the country. It also tells them that their actions won't be forgiven, that there will be consequences for themselves too.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The ranger game

Last weekend I finished another game, this time was Shadow of Mordor. The game is almost 4 years old but it's still good, still looks great.

I have to say the game it's fun, it has a fun gameplay, good controls [I played it with PS4 controller], it has great graphics and an interesting story. Though that story has things from the movies, for better or worse.

Being an action RPG game it is long enough, I spend around 30 hours to complete it and I did collect all colectibles and fully upgraded the 3 main weapons, meaning I did some side missions to upgrade them. There were some side missions I didn't though, the missions where you help the human slaves, who cares about them anyway lol

It's the first time I play a game based on The Lord of the Rings movies/books, it's the first time I have the opportunity to fight against orcs and uruks, it was damn fun, I never thought that beheading uruks was so fun.

Anyway, the funniest and more satisfying part is when a damn uruk kills you several times, they remember you, they rank up, they grow stronger, they get cocky, all thanks to the Nemesis system. I mean, it's not satisfying being killed by the same nasty uruk, it is satisfying getting revenge and killing that gross uruk. I surely felt great taking revenge against them.

BTW this uruk killed me like 7 times, after the first time he killed me I rushed to find him to get revenge and I did find him... and he killed me again, and so forth. You learn to hunt them, to know their weaknesses, to use the environment and your skills to kill them. When I finally killed him I was so pumped, it was actually rewarding.

The game is a little old but great, if you haven't played it yet and you like The Lord of the Rings movies you should consider to get it, it's cheap on sales.

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PS: I played the whole game as Lithariel, I like to play with a female character whenever possible, sorry main character guy named Talion lol

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Not a classic

So, next week on december 3th new PlayStation classic will be released but there are already reviews about this little console. And so far, it doesn't look that good.

I have to say I didn't own the original PS [I did have a Nintendo 64 though] but I had the chance to play some games on PS back then, by that time those games looked great, I mean way better that Super NES anyway and just as good as N64. And there were a lot of titles I wanted to play by that time.

Sadly this little console doesn't have enough good games to start with, only 20. And those games don't look as good as they did back then, I mean we have seen better looking and detailed games, looking back at those old games it's not so appealing. Whatever, I wonder if Sony is planning to add more games in the future, who knows.

Other thing is the 4:3 format, modern displays and TVs use 16:9 ratio so it doesn't look good with black bars to each side.

Some time ago I used to play emulated PS games with ePSxe [mostly Rival Schools fighting game], I have to say games looked a little better than running on original PS. There you can configure the graphics, enhancing the antialiasing, anisotropic filtering and resolution. Also you can use any controller you want or keyboard if that's your thing. I remember audio wasn't good in some games though.

I think Sony should have enhanced the looking of the games by adding widescreen support and better antialiasing, and probably added more games. We'll see how well this little console sell.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

One year older

This year I hit 33 years, which makes me feel old and also reminds me I have to change About me section.

While every year I tend to celebrate and enjoy my birthday as much as I can, this year has been different, I don't have much money, I'm losing my job soon and I don't feel good to celebrate with this political crisis here in this country.

Anyway, my birthday was last November 9, I had a delicious lunch with my girlfriend. Besides that, I didn't do anything else.

Since I'm in austerity I didn't spend a lot of money as last years, still I got myself a cheap SSD and a cheap graphics card for my working PC, because now I'm using my old PC for gaming and my new one for working since I need a faster PC for working fast.

I'm trying to be positive about it, my personal situation isn't that worse as others, I don't have mouths to feed [other than my 2 cats] and I'm healthy, meaning I'm able to work even on hard physical jobs if I have to.

Whatever, here are some pics of my self gifts.

PS: I kinda feel I haven't achieved much by my age, I was kinda aslept for some years and I'm trying to make it up for all that time lost, I'm getthing there, I'm doing my best for getting there.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

New horizons

Well, it is very possible that I lose my job due to the current events in Nicaragua, I will join to thousands and thousands of people who lost their job too.

It is certainly sad what my country have turned into, I find it unbelievable. It's unbelievable what people are willing to do to get political power, to hold that political power.

Anyway, nowadays instead of complaining I try to find solutions, I'm still alive and losing my job it's not the end of the world. Still, I can't help it but feel anxious and worried, I've been working nonstop over 7 years now, it's not a clear future ahead indeed. Though I wouldn't worry about losing my job in a normal situation but what's happening in Nicaragua it's not normal, this crisis is affecting everyone and authorities are worsening the situation.

So, the problem is there's no new job offerings and if there are, those are low average payed jobs, or there is a lot of competition for good jobs. My bet will be getting an online job, I have some skills I can offer online, I'm trusting I will be able to get a decent everyday online job, at least just to pay the bills, if not, I will consider making a new life outside this country.

PS: did I mention I'm officially in austerity? well now you know.