Monday, May 13, 2019

Emulating games

I've been using old console emulators for years now. I've been using them from time to time to play Nintendo 64 and PlayStation [1] games, mostly because those emulators run on any hardware. I didn't have powerful hardware few years ago to try and play on other emulators, and because such emulators weren't that good either back then. These days I'm playing Gamecube, Sega Dreamcast and Play Station 2 games, because my actual PC allows me to.

Anyway, I didn't give it too much thought until last year actually, when Nintendo took down some webpages with [game] roms from various Nintendo consoles, old consoles you can't buy anymore I may add.

I think that it shouldn't be illegal to download and play old games that you hardly and possibly can't get. I understand that those games have copyrights but as long anyone isn't getting a profit from them, there shouldn't be any problem. Also, those games already made the profit they were going to make, just saying.

I understand that Nintendo has a "Virtual Console" inside their newest consoles, including Wii, Wii U and Switch. The list of games consist of games released on older consoles and even hanheld devices. That's probably why Nintendo is after those websites hosting Nintendo game roms, they probably don't want to lose revenue and also they want to protect their IPs.

Although, Nintendo doesn't have the rights to offer some old games in its Virtual Console. That's why the NES, SuperNES and PlayStation classics didn't feature too many games, they can't feature games they don't have the rights to. Besides, some of those old games developing companies don't exist anymore.

Whatever, I know piracy is something you can't take lightly. I'm playing games without buying them. But as I said, those games already made the profit they were going to make and I can't buy them new because they don't make them anymore, nor the consoles. If Nintendo, Sony and/or Microsoft made an online store [for PC] where you can buy the games of their older consoles and play them, believe me I'm gladly would be buying them. BTW Xbox One has made a great job with backwards compatibility of Xbox 360 games.

PS: you can tweak emulated games to run better than they did on their respective consoles, if you have a decent PC.
 1080 Avalanche

Mario Kart Double Dash 

Soulcalibur II

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Cheating is for pussies

Today's big problem in online games is cheating. Developers make their best to create/implement anti cheating methods but people still find a way to cheat.

I think people cheat because they like cut corners, because it's easy earning XP and leveling up, it's easy to rank up and getting better scores. Like in life in general, a lot of people like the easy way, the easy path and they take it.

I still wonder why people cheat though, if you're bad at some game, why do you play it? why don't you spend time to learn the mechanics and gameplay of any given game? This mostly happens in shooter games but it also happens in other genres. It's a practice I dislike with a passion. If you're bad at a game, just practice more, if you can't get better at it, just don't play it.

A funny thing is, there will be always someone in a server with insane skills and he/she will be accused of cheating, just because that person has really good skills.

I'm glad game makers continue to create tools to detect cheaters and banning them, as they rightly deserve it.

Also, I dislike about cheating in relationships. I strongly believe that if you don't feel fine in a relationship you talk about it with your couple, if you can fix it, great, if you can't fix it you better go on different ways.

Each case is different, but mostly people cheat because of the way that other person make them feel. Perhaps he/she gives them more attention, love, sympathy, make them laugh or just a great fuck lol

Anyway, if you're a player, either man or woman, just don't go hurting other people. Be open and let them know you just want them for sex, company, interest or whatever but don't offer love when you can't fulfill your promise.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Old gaming

Yes, I'm 33 and I'm a little old but I'm not talking about age here. I'm not talking about retro gaming either. I'm talking about playing PC games released a few years ago, like 4 years ago or older.

I have limited resources [sorry for rubbing my poverty on you lol] so I cannot buy games at launch price, I just can't. So when buying games I tend to buy old but good games. Though I have to say, I kinda feel bad for not playing games when the hype is high but it doesn't stop me to actually enjoy the game.

Another reason why I don't play new games [even one year after being released] it's because PC gaming requires to have good and fast hardware. Right now my gaming PC is actually great, excepting the graphics card, which is an AMD RX 560. This graphics card is great for gaming at 1080p medium/high graphics at 60 fps, at least for the games I play, but it isn't that good for last year or games released this year [the demanding ones anyway]. I want to upgrade to an RX 580 but I don't like those long cards, though there's one MSI model that's not that long and it looks nice too. I may get that one later this year.

Anyway, I think playing old games is fun, you get to play games you couldn't at that moment because of time or whatever, you usually find those games at cheap prices [specially on sales], the games are more polished [meaning few bugs if any at all], there are old games with still active community/players too [if you're on coop/multiplayer], there are old games still being supported, your cheap PC will be able to run those games with good graphics too, heck even potato PCs can run old games lol.
 Blue chick alien, because why not [Mass Effect 3]

 Alice and her twisted mind [Alice madness returns]

Getting some Moxxi's rewards [Borderlands 2]

Monday, May 6, 2019

Website renewal

This site will expire in few days, if I don't pay for its renewal anyway. You know how website hosts are, I'm not complaining, I'm just saying they like to be some sort of "drama queen": pay for the next year of your domain will expire, your little baby will die.

Anyway, I see this blog have some sort of traffic, who reads it besides me? I'm not posting often either. So I have this question, do I continue owning this domain/website, even if there's little traffic if any at all?

This blog is a part of me and I don't want to give up on it, so I'll keep owning it until I can, until machines rise up if I'm lucky lol.

I'm planning to write more often, post about things I do,  things I enjoy and things I learn in tech and life. I don't have a full time job yet so I'll be having time for writing here. Also I have some ideas for science fiction books, I'll do my best to make it a reality.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Self updates

I kinda feel bad I didn't write any post on february and march, though I actually had a lot of work to do, I worked in two part time jobs in those 2 months. Anyway, I did have time for writing but I didn't. Whatever, here I am again.

Though I was busy in previous two months, april has been a slow working month, I only have one part time job, which isn't enough to cover my expenses/bills but I've been using money from my last [full time] job liquidation [or whatever is the right term in english].

I've been particularly gaming a lot at nights, this last week I had some free days and spend a big chunk of time gaming. Also, I did finish a couple of games in the time I was absent, I still have to write reviews about them. BTW the games I finished are: Test Drive Unlimited 2, Homefront, Borderlands The Presequel [I really enjoyed it] and Sanctum 2. Besides, I've been also playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, games you don't technically finish, besides the developers keep adding new stuff.

On a sad note, my cat Koli died, I really felt bad about it, I still feel bad about it. I think it was my fault, I didn't take him sooner to the vet but I never thought he was that sick. It's been one month since he died and I haven't forgiven myself for not taking him in time to the vet. It may sound weird [since I'm very cold] but I cried for him, it really hurt me and I was kinda losing my mind but I feel better now. I still have to take care of Sasha, my other cat. BTW next 2 days after Koli died, Sasha apparently was looking for him, meowing calling for him, it really was moving, I think we both miss him.

To finish, I've been looking for full time jobs, I went to 2 interviews, they didn't call me after. I will keep looking, I know I can find some job. Although, I'm exploring options to make my own bussines or to invest some money. We'll see what happens, I'm optimistic about it.
When I won the hawaiian island cup 

I spy with my little eye 

Delivering racing trucks