Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Of shootings and their motives

I'm always surprised when i listen of massive shootings in USA, you expect to see these events in poor countries (like where i live) but not in developed countries. Shockingly, it mostly happens in USA, you get to wonder why, what's wrong in that country?

While it's sad that these kind of events happen, there is a side i like to explore [and i'm sure i'm not alone in this], i like to wonder why the subject performed such cruel and coward action. Because it's not only cruel, it's also coward, it's like taking a shortcut to a problem and to being famous in the end.

So, why these young people do it? I'm no expert but i think one of the reasons they do it it's because of frustration [for not mentally ill people anyway]. Frustration can cloud your vision, it will turn you bitter, angry and eventually violent. For some people this world demands a lot, some parents can demand a lot [or totally neglect their child] and you get this immature mind trying to figure out its place, its belonging in this sad crazy world, they just lose their minds.

In general, society dictates what you have to do in life, in every stage of your life. It's hard to keep up society expectations, your family and friends expectations. You may be a good girl or boy but it just takes one bad action and you're criticized, you're seen as a bad person. So, there are people who keep up to most expectations, people who give a fuck about expectations and people who want but cannot do well enough, these people can eventually hurt themselves or someone else somehow.

I'm not trying to excuse anyone, i'm just saying kids and teens need more following, from their teachers at school and their parents at home. Kids, teens, young ones and adults need to be told that's ok not to do something they're supposed to, that's ok to skip something they don't want to do. And it's always recommended to listen to troubled people, you never know what's inside other people's mind.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Farewell, my hero

The first news that i received this morning really shocked me, i never expected it. Of course i never met this man in person, but i did know his work, his really impressive and mindblowing work.

I bet you heard about his death too, I'm talking about Professor Hawking, he was such a unique man, i'm sure he inspired a lot of people to pursue science, to challenge science.

He surely inspired me, i'm not a scientist though, but i know a little bit about our universe, it's really interesting and amazing, it's something we all should know, at least the basics, we all are part of this universe after all and understanding our place in it, it will help us to get us into the future, to survive.

I really felt sad, i thought who will be leading us into the future now? Granted, he wasn't doing any tangible work per se, not like Elon Musk for example, but Hawking's theories and studies surely made an impact on science, on understanding our universe and as i stated before, knowing our universe will allow us to survive longer than our planet, if possible.

I'm sure he's resting now, humanity will miss him, farewell my hero.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

And once again, one more time, I'm bak

Hi, I didn't see you there, or didn't you see me here i think.

It's been a long time, almost 3 years!!! It wasn't actually a bad time for me, i wasn't down, i was busy getting up, going up. I've been working hard, overcoming some things, improving myself, becoming a "better" man [bad or good is subjective] for my own benefit of course, i don't have to change for someone else [noone should anyway].

As always i keep playing videogames, or gaming as it's known nowadays. I'm actually consider myself a gamer, not because i want to feel part of that community [i don't belong to any group] but because i like gaming, though my actual selection and taste of games have changed. I don't have time for RPG nor puzzle games anymore, i want and look for some quick action, not long game to play. So i mostly play some action and racing games, i'm actually focusing on racing games, i mean i can play some few races when i have the time and i'm not worried nor anxious about what's coming next, i know it will be just more tracks. Though, i've been playing some sim games, which require some extra time from my part to actually get further. I've been playing American Truck Simulator, nice game BTW, i play it with my Steam controller with gyro activated, i use the gyro feature to turn my truck in game, it's actually fun driving this way.

In this time i built 3 computers, i sold my AMD FX 8 cores machine to get into mini itx builds, i love small form factor builds and computers but i had bad experiences with them, not that bad though, it's just i'm kinda obssesed with cpu and motherboard [chipset] temps and mini itx's chipsets get hot. I did have 3 mini itx PCs, one of them was actually very cool but it was because it was a lowend PC with a lowend chipset [it was a system with AMD Athlon 5350 on AM1 platform in case you wonder]. The other 2 PCs were in FM2+ platform, i loved them but they always got hot [the motherboards anyway] while gaming so i always felt uncomfortable about it. Right now i have a Ryzen system, which i built just this week, last monday to be exact. This time i got a micro atx motherboard which works really fine [when it comes to temps] and the performance of the whole machine is great, it's the most powerful PC i've ever had, i'm really happy with it.

Changing of subject, i have some plans for me in the near future, plans for this blog. I want to post more, giving my opinion on actual things, things noone has the balls to say. But i want to contribute for the best, not for the bad.... but again, bad or good is subjective, what's good for the spider, it's a horror for the fly.

To finish, some hardware porn, because come on, i know you love it, you perverts.
She likes to be naked and show off her circuits 

Open bench on a budget lol

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm back.... once again

Hi there, i'm back once again. Nope, i was not dead [obviously], i was not in jail nor escaping from justice either, i was just sort of living and dying at the same time, yeah it's complicated, nothing is normal with me lol

Life is certainly something complex and i was somehow making it easier for me, perhaps not easy but tolerable. I was just living my own life and not caring about everyone else life. But we humans are social beings [i don't like it but it is that way] and some of our interactions affect each other, if not most of them. I just can't live apart and pretend nothing is happening in this sad crazy world, i'm not empathetic though, so it's hard for me. I'm actually antipathetic, i practically cannot feel pitty about someone else, why i would do that? Either way i'm eager to help anyone who asks my help, as long that person does not take advantage of me.

Anyway, i finally left my mom's house, i live by my own now, i feel great about it. It's so good to be independent, i'm the only one who lead the way, my own way. I continue gaming, i think is somthing i will do until my life's sunset, i totally enjoy gaming, it's fun and it makes me to forget about problems and release everyday stress. BTW i built a new gaming machine, i sold my former gaming pc and now i have a mini itx gaming pc, which it's so cool!!! i'll upload pics later.

Love is still away from me, yeah i do have a lady friend with benefits but it's not the same, i want a partner, someone to share, hang out and live together. I don't want romantic love, that's shit, i do want a partner to grow, share and fulfill my dreams and hers too, helping each other in daily tasks and having future plans in common. But as always, i'm asking too much.

To finish, it still surprises me how stupid people are, or how religion makes them so stupid. It's 21th century ladies and gentlemen, you cannot continue believing that nonsense, you don't live in caverns anymore, open your mind and embrace what's outside, this wonderful world and universe. They say god is love/peace but i fail to see love/peace among those who believe, i just see hate, confrontation and war. Religion is certainly outdated, it has no use anymore and i'm sure it's going to be just another myth very soon :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'm back... once more

Hi there, after a long time i'm back again.... i hope staying for this time hehe

A lot of things happened to me since my last post, the most important of them is my grandmother's death, she passed away 2 months ago. She was the one who took care of me as a child so it was very touching. Still i'm a practical/pragmatic human being, no need to mourning, life continues after all. Mmm but i gotta say i will always remember her and all the things she taught to me.

In gaming news, i left gaming... for just one month though, now i'm gaming my ass off lol i kinda regret leaving gaming, i'm so glad gaming again.

I still have the same job, i haven't quit yet, i'm a total coward. I mean coward because i'm afraid of being unemployed for a long time, i don't like this job but it's something i have for sure, it helps me to pay the bills after all. But sooner than later i'm getting another job, where i'll be comfortable and have peace of mind.

Also related to gaming, i upgraded memory RAM of Kalashna [my gaming PC] to 8 gb ram. Previously it just had 4 gb memory ram and games run great, but now with more memory games run great and they have plenty of memory to use, OS overall works better with more memory, no more bottlenecks, specially with these moderns memory-hungry web browsers.

Well, i think this is good just for coming back. I still have a lot to say, i'll be doing that more often, until then later :)