Thursday, January 31, 2019

Goal not accomplished

It's the last day of the month, the last day of January. This is the deadline for finding an online job, I failed :(

Though I've been working part time in accounting, so I made some money but today is my last day in that part time job.

I have to say that I tried getting gigs on Fiverrr and Upwork, I didn't get any. I sent a test for transcribing a video but I didn't pass it, I will practice on that more and I will try again. I still have to try on another transcribing site, I will study for that too.

I will start aggressively looking for a job next week, I still want an online job, it doesn't matter how many tasks I have to do for little money, but having something to do. I don't want a job from 800 to 1700 anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want an easy job, I'm a hard worker but my social skills have reached a point where I don't want to interact with other people at least I have to. Though if I have to socialize, I will do it, I have no problem with that but it's better if I can avoid it lol

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New year's goals

I was pointed out that it's not good making resolutions but making goals with set schedules or deadlines, and that's what I will try to do, though for some goals I cannot make deadlines because it depends on other things like money and how the current political/social/economical crisis evolves here in Nicaragua.

So let's start with the list, in no particular order:

  • Finding a job [because I started the year unemployed], but not a conventional one. I rather a set of online jobs [or gigs as they call them] than a regular job. I have until January 31st to do this.
  • Mastering English language. As you know English is not my native language and while I know a lot by now, I want to speak it fluently and write it with better grammar and punctuation. Besides I want to get a certification, which will cost me money, but I want to have it, for self-steem and pride you know. I will look for a certification after June if possible.
  • Learning more Russian. I did learn some russian almost 10 years ago, I learned enough to have a basic conversation back then and while I remember a lot of words I want to know more, I want to reach a conversational level, both speaking it and writing it. I already can read russian which is great but I need to learn more words. This will be an ongoing learning throughout the year.
  • Making my kitchen better. I live in a small apartment that has a kitchen area, I have the basic things but I want to make a better kitchen, for example I don't have a blender and some tools to cook. This goal depends on money, so I will be buying things as money allows me to, of course I'll be saving money when possible.
  • Getting a bigger display for my gaming/entertainment PC. I actually have a 22" 1080p display for my gaming PC and a 20" 900p display for my working PC. Last year I had a 40" TV but my cats broke it, since then I've been wishing a TV but I think I'll be getting a big display instead, because the image quality is much better than connecting your PC to a TV. I already selected a 27" display for that, it's IPS and with small bezels, so it'll be good for gaming and watching movies/series. This also depends on money.
  • Upgrading my gaming PC. My actual gaming PC has an AMD A10 7800 and 8 GB of RAM, the processor is a little old and while it can run games good it's showing its age. So I want to build a Ryzen gaming PC with a better CPU and more cores. I'll buy parts separately as money allows me to, I expect to build it by my [real] birthday on November.
  • Giving the next step in my relationship. I have 2 years with my girlfriend now and we're planning on giving the next step. We are committed to our relationship and we think we have to start looking further. Next thing is "fiance" stage, I gotta put a ring on her first though lol Though that's not usual here, but I kinda want to. In this case I gotta find the best moment possible and get the ring too, which isn't cheap.
So, these are my goals for this year, I sincerely think i can accomplish them and I will do my best to make them a reality.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Flying to the horizon

I kinda rushed at playing Ace Combat Assault Horizon but I actually enjoyed it and I did as much as I could [I mean getting the basic achievements for completing the missions].

It's an arcade combat flying game, it's a little old now, it was released for PC in 2013 but still looks good, at least the planes because the characters don't look that good.

I can say the flying is satisfying, it is challenging in combat, specially when there are several enemy planes. Sometimes it can get tedious though, the map doesn't do a good job showing all the enemies, perhaps the enemies were using cyberwarfare tactics to jam my radar, who knows. Also, since I was in a hurry to finish this game I died sometimes, I even crashed the plane a few times, I had to take it seriously because there were some hard to accomplish missions, specially when driving the Apache or Black Hawk, you just can't take it easy.

I like how much planes you can choose to fly, at start there are a few options only but as you progress you unlock new planes. I do like russian planes and I'm glad that I could fly the most iconic ones, the MiGs and Sukhois and other one that I won't spoil.

What I didn't like much was the cliche story: some russians were rogue and the americans allied with the good russians to stop the bad russians, what an amazing and innovative story lol

Good thing is it offers different sceneries, you fly at day and night, also I remember in one mission it was a heavy rain and there are some beautiful landscapes, though while in combat you don't have much time to appreciate it.

Anyway, since I played a lot of HAWX 8 years ago or so, I kept comparing both of them. I think they both have their merits, I didn't like much the dogfight mode in Assault Horizon though, I think HAWX requires more skill while dogfighting. While bombing surface targets they pretty much did it the same, but taking down 4 planes at once with multi target missiles was easier in HAWX.

Sadly, you can't get HAWX even in Ubisoft store and I don't find Assault Horizon in Steam store, I guess it's not available anymore. Anyway, if you like flying games, you can have some fun with Assault Horizon, if you can get it in other online store.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

New case

So, even when I'm in austerity I went to this tech store looking for a power supply, because my gaming PC needs a better one, the one I have is old and it doesn't have 80+ certification. Though it seems better than a generic one.

The thing is I saw a slim case, which I inmediately liked and I bought it. As my girlfriend says: you won't have clothes to wear nor food to eat because of spending in computer parts lol

When I bought the low profile graphics card, my intention was getting a slim case. I did want a DELL or HP one, because those cases are great quality but I didn't have time to look for one and I would have compatibility issues probably. Instead I got this cheap but looking good one, it cost me U$ 37, which isn't expensive but I shouldn't spend money on that because the already mentioned austerity. Whatever, I'm getting that money back somehow.

I put my Ryzen system in there, all parts fit just fine, the micro ATX motherboard, the low profile gpu and the SFX power supply. The hard drive and ssd fit fine too. I'm pretty happy with the new case and how it looks on my desktop.

PS: I didn't get the power supply, I haven't decided which one to get, my options are pretty limited in this market.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Off with their heads

If you know about what's going on in Nicaragua, you know it's been a hard situation. What started as the "solution" for avoiding social security bankrupt, it was actually its doom. People didn't like the changes so they spoke about it, the government [which doesn't like being criticized] send people [thugs] and the police to stop demonstrators for expressing their discomfort with the changes, we know what happened after.

In life, some people who do bad things think they won't pay for their bad actions, or they actually can't see their deeds as bad so they think they don't deserve to be punished. It's practically a psycopath/sociopath behaviour.

Last tuesday 2 big personalities responsible for human rights violation [including the Vice President of Nicaragua, President's wife btw] were sanctioned by the US government, I really didn't see that coming. But I think they totally deserve it, one of them in particular allowed the police to act with extreme force against the opposers and said horrible things against the opposition.

This act shows them they can be punished too. This act shows them they're accountable for their actions, that their actions have clear consequences for the people and the country. It also tells them that their actions won't be forgiven, that there will be consequences for themselves too.

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