Tuesday, August 25, 2020

My new life in Los Santos

In trying times is hard to focus on things, learning new things or even trying to do the normal things you used to do. In my case, not surprisingly, I’ve been playing a lot of videogames, Grand Theft Auto online in particular.

I started playing GTA online last year on October, just after finishing the history mode, I had a lot of fun with Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Thing is I played casually online for a month and I stopped playing because of griefers, those players who just want to destroy your cargo or kill you just because, I even angrily uninstalled the game. Some months after that, I downloaded the game again and I was jumping from time to time into the game, mostly doing contact missions, just to avoid being inside lobbies with unsocial players. Sometimes I was inside a lobby just by myself, I didn’t know why or how but I used that to sell cargo from my Paleto bay bunker and sourcing/selling crates from my small warehouse.

Everything changed when I learnt how to get into a public solo lobby, where no one will be there to annoy me or even help me, I don’t need help from anyone lol That’s when I took GTA online more seriously, I started watching tutorials and guides to all the businesses, I started getting and upgrading MC businesses, I bought a second medium warehouse and I exchanged the small one for a medium warehouse too. Also, I started using wisely my money and avoiding esthetic stuff [like clothes or guns I won’t ever use], so I was just buying the most useful vehicles [like the Buzzard and good racing cars] and properties [and their respective upgrades].

Even when I’ve been playing a lot lately I’m not a rich player, I’ve never made it to 10 millions, the most I had is 8 millions. But I have been constantly making and investing money, so I have a lot of things now. I recently bought the Vehicle Warehouse, Arcade [on sale], the Akula [on sale], Deveste 8 [on sale], 3 sport classic cars [on sale], upgrades to my current businesses and yesterday I bought a Casino Penthouse. I already have a fully upgraded Nightclub and the Terrorbyte too, the Arena workshop, not to mention the 3 better Motor Club businesses [coke, meth and counterfeit cash].

With all I have now I can make 400k per hour easily, I’ve been doing 400k-1 million per day [depending on what I do] and I’m happy with that. Now I can enjoy more the game and doing extra activities and helping other players on missions or heists. In case you wonder I didn’t buy the Yacht, I’m not there yet lol
I started just with 173k [yesterday]

I ended with 2.1 million [yesterday]

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Turing test

Lately I've been playing PUBG Lite, because it's free and it's still fun as its biggest brother.

As I mentioned previously, in the matches you will find bots and human enemies, but there are more bots than humans, at least in my experience. I'm ok playing against bots, it's good for practice and investing a little more time knowing the maps and gameplay mechanics, for beginners anyway. Though it may not be so fun for veteran players, who already know the game/maps very well, bots don't add much challenge after all.

Funny thing is, it's kinda exciting figuring out which enemies are bots or humans. Bots follow a pattern in certain circumstances, so you may guess they're bots. For example, bots never holster their gun while running [real players usually do it], they usually wear certain skins/costumes [not premium ones] and they never close the doors behind them [I was going to mention bots always stop for looting but real players do that too lol]. So for me it's exciting thinking if the steps I hear outside the house I'm hiding belong to just a bot or a experienced always headshot killing real player, it's actually kinda stressful, like a horror movie where you're being chased; but in this case you can be both the hunter and the hunted, both roles are equally exciting.

Anyway, it's tricky guessing which player is a bot or human. Once a real player tricked me, he [she?] was wearing a typical bot skin/costume and I felt over confident about taking him down but it didn't go as planned and he killed me. After he killed me I spectated his game and I'm totally sure he was a real player: he took cover, he was cautious, he drank energy drinks, he holstered his gun while running and he killed other enemies, both bots and humans, he didn't win though. And other times I've been in the middle of a gunfire, sometimes I won and others I lost, and in those cases it's hard to guess if I was killed by a bot or a real player, I mean because there were more than two enemies.

BTW the big brother PUBG has added bots to its servers, meaning more players can enjoy guessing if they're fighting bots or real players. I'm curious if someone is going to fake being a bot to trick other players lol And I understand PUBG streamers complaining about that, their audience want to see the best of them and killing a bot may look boring/not challenging. Besides adding bots means there are less people playing PUBG, though making smarter bots should make the game interesting/challenging.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Give my face back

        Facial Recognition System Controversies: Digging the Roots
Why does it seem like the whole world is suddenly against facial recognition systems? After all, they have been here for some time now, but it seems that we are just waking up to see that they don’t sit down well with us.
You might have been wondering about these too. Between all the legal talk and technical jargon, it is easy to miss the truth of the argument. Not us, though – and we have simplified the reasons behind those facial recognition legal battles for you below.

1 Privacy
You don’t want to have someone tracking you all around when you are going about your daily chores, would you?
That seems to be the biggest problem to have reared its ugly head in the facial recognition debate. Here, we have guilty parties such as companies, that store on the corner and even the government itself.
These entities have cameras and systems in place that track the faces of people everywhere they go. When the police are involved, they have the resources and backing to even track a single person across the city. That leaves room for stalking, extreme targeting, and unlawful surveillance of a person. 
This is also not the point to argue that no one should fear being monitored if they have done nothing wrong. Everyone has a right to their privacy and turning this tech on us that way stripping them of that privacy.

2 Data Security
Consider the number of faces that the facial recognition system has to capture, map out, and store every day. If the figures don’t scare you yet, wait till you recall that the FBI was found to have more than 640 million faces and photos on its database. 
That is an amazing number of faces for just one person to keep. We doubt if the many-faced god from GOT even had that much in its library.
The concern here is how this data is stored to ensure it is not tampered with. After all, while everyone has the right to the faces on their necks, they don’t have control over how the digital version of that face is being used once it has been captured. 
With the world moving towards facial recognition as a security sign-in tool, a breach of such systems will cause serious problems in the future.

3 Consent
The biggest issue here is that of consent.
You are subjecting people to something that you have not asked their opinion of, so expect that they will kick back at you. Just walk into an airport., turn that street corner or into the store and your face is already the subject of interest. 
Even though the system is contactless, it does not take away the fact that it seems the essence of your being is constantly robbed from you.
This is why the people will be happy with the facial recognition systems that they have on their phones but would not want their city to implement one. That is simply because they granted consent to their phones, but the city is wanting to force it on them.

4 Profiling
A report on the police in Toronto, Canada, shows that they are using facial recognition tech to identify potential threats in society. 
Now, this can be interpreted in several ways.
First, what makes someone a potential threat? No matter how we look at it, AI cannot be used to predict crime – at least not yet. Thus, using facial recognition this way might soon lead to abuse of diverse sorts.
Under that canopy of abuse would be the targeting of minority groups in the society, harassment of law-abiding citizens, and more. Those are just too extreme to be allowed to fester in the community anyway.

So, that’s the reason why the world seems to be turning on the wrongful deployment of these systems. 
It is not that we do not see the benefits and potentials of facial recognition systems – of which there are many. It is that we care about our privacy and security more than the promise of convenience that the advocates for this technology are trying to sell the world on.

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Monday, April 13, 2020

Not staying home

While the whole world is staying at home and taking cautions, getting bored and anxious for the pandemic we're struggling with, I'm not obligated to stay at home. I mean, quarantine is not mandatory in Nicaragua, most people are being cautious though, also some businesses are taking precautions to protect their customers.

I'm personally taking precautions but I'm not using masks nor gloves, I'm keeping social distance and washing my hands, even more often I used to do.

Currently there have been 9 positive cases and 1 death according to MINSA [Health Ministery], but since information is very hermetic people, including me, suspect there are actually more cases but they don't say it. Also people suspect actual covid-19 cases/deaths will be disguised as pneumonia cases/deaths, again I also suspect that.

The government is only recommending social distance and constantly washing the hands, which I think is good but they should avoid promoting social concentrations [their usual political concentrations for example] and postpone classes for one month at least.

In a poor country currently in recession and a lot of unemployment, a mandatory quarantine will do a lot of damage to the economy but also sick people won't do much good to boost the economy either, the health system won't be able to handle a lot of infected people too, even USA is having trouble! Also, when the president doesn't say anything nor goes out, you really care about his leadership and it seems he doesn't care about the situation or maybe he minimizes it or he even doesn't know about it, you never know.

To finish, people here are really anxious about the pandemic [the lack of official communication doesn't help] and like a woman said in the supermarket: we're not going to die from the virus but we're going to end up crazy.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The hard lessons

This global pandemic took us all by surprise. No one was expecting something like this. As usual, these kind of situations always teach us something, and we can't forget about it after all this happens, because it's going to end, eventually anyway.

First of all, a committee or board should be created in every country to prevent or treat with more responsibility any future disease. Second, any politician who doesn't act on time and doesn't take the recommended actions should be accountable for his/her deeds.

Also, this is teaching us that working from home is doable for many jobs. Unless you work in services, where you have to cook, talk, interact or deliver something to the client, you have to be physically there. Telecommuting should be the norm from now on, even training [for a job] could be done by chat or video chat [I know some companies in some countries do this now, my point is it should be more widely practiced in the world, even in developing countries].

Following the previous topic, everything should be digital. For example, what I like from Steam is I can buy a game and play it after downloading it, or download it later if I want to. I don't have to go out and wait in long lines [for new games], or even waiting more if the game is sold out. I mean: RIP Gamestop lol This has to be more flexible though, there has to be rules so nor the provider or client can't take advantage of the service, it would be complicated at first but it would be normal after people get used to it.

So, what should be digital?

  • School and college can totally be digital, cheaters will always cheat anyway.
  • Money, why using physical money [bills, coins and checks] these days? just use debit/credit cards and do payments with bank transactions. How kids will buy things if they can't access to a debit/credit card? How people with bad credit record will use a debit/credit card? I'm sure there will be a solution for these and any cases when the time comes. And also they have to be more secure.
  • Movies should be available on demand when released, a digital movie theater experience, if you want to watch it again, you pay again [but on launch time only]. Movie theaters can still exist for those wanting the movie theater experience I suppose. BTW congrats to Universal studios for their decision to stream some films in these hard times.
This is just an example of services going digital, I'm sure many other services can go digital and not affecting people current jobs. Also, I know you can do some of the things mentioned before and more in developed countries, it's just I wish they become available around the world.

Edit: this crisis is also teaching people to be more hygienic and wash their hands often. I used to do that before this, that's why I rarely get sick.

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